Wall Breaking Feature

It’s time to revisit the Wall Breaking feature. This is used for pony walls or any wall that has two or more heights.
1) Wall breaking is done from an elevation view. Click on the wall and choose Break Wall from the Right Button menu.

2) When the Hatched line appears on the wall, select the black handle and slide it to where you want the wall to break in height.

3) After the break position is selected, answer Yes to break the wall.

4) Press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and adjust the height of the selected wall segment using the handle at the top.

5) The offset wall segments will highlight when clicked on. If you break the wall without changing the height right away, simply press Ctrl and then select a wall segment to highlight it again. The segments can be selected from the floor plan view too.

The broken wall is still considered one wall so the base cabinets will fill across the offset while the uppers obey the rules for wall ends.


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