Unpacking a Job Package from different versions

Today we will explore a tip that will let you Unpack a Job Package coming from a different version type of Cabnetware than what you are currently using.

Normally, the program allows you to only Unpack a job package coming from a program type that is of the same style that you are using. You can’t normally go from Detailer Frame to Ultimate Euro, or from Ultimate Euro to Ultimate Both for instance.
When Unpacking a job you’ll need to see something similar to the screen below.
This Job Package is from the Ultimate Euro program and that is the program type running. The jobs to Unpack will show.

The Job Package below is from the Design program.

The job does not show when in the Ultimate Euro program.
This same situation applies if you have a Job Package from the Ultimate Frame program into the Ultimate Euro program or, a Job Package from the Advanced Frame program into the Standard Euro program, etc. This is designed as a safeguard to keep you from mixing up a frame job with a euro programs set of parameters or vice versa.
That being said, there may be a time when you really want to bypass the built in safeguards and unpack the job regardless of where it came from or where it’s going.

Here is the tech tip.

Each job package consists of at least two things. One is the zipped up job(s) and the other is a control file. The control file determines what is allowed. Here is the set of files for the Job Package called 2jobt shown in the first example.

The control file is the .CWK file. If you open that with a simple text editor, i.e. Notepad, you’ll see a line: Program ID=4-2

This Program ID, 4-2, corresponds to the Ultimate – Euro version.

The Program ID’s for the Versions are:
Ultimate = 4
Advanced =2
Standard= 8
Design = 1
The Styles are:
Frame = 1
Euro =2
Both =3
Design = 0
So, the combination of Version and Style constitutes what program the Unpack feature thinks the job came from.
4-2 = Ultimate Euro
2-1 = Advanced Frame
1-0 =Design

And so on.
Now all you have to do is edit the CWK file and insert the Program ID for the program type that you are currently running and the job will show for Unpacking.
Here is the Design Job Package again after editing the CWK file. The job now shows in the Ultimate Euro program.

This tip would be primarily useful for getting a Frame or Euro job into the Both program, although it would be good to get a Design job into a Manufacturing version. Refrain from putting a Euro job into a Frame program and vice versa because the result wouldn’t be pretty.
This Tech Tip is valid for all Cabnetware layout programs from V 8.0 on.