Associate a TV and a DVD player with a cabinet

There is a little used feature in Multi Cross Section that allows insertion of 3D Objects in a cabinet. Here is a method to associate a TV and a DVD player with a cabinet.

First, draw a cabinet and adjust the sections and shelving as needed.

Go into Multi Cross Section and select a part to use as the reference platform. I chose the bottom here. Click the <RB> menu and choose Attach Object.

The Attach Object box comes up and allows you to select the object and orient it.

For the TV item, I selected the ‘SinTV.wrl’ file. Select the face of the part to reference from. Select the X,Y offset from the reference and the rotation. Then OK. You’ll get the referencing wrong at first but you can try again or simply move and rotate the block representing the 3D Object later.

You’ll see a block appear that represents the 3D objects size. If you need to rotate it, select the block, choose Rotate from the <RB> menu and enter the value in a Clockwize or Counter-Clockwize direction.

Preview the 3D View in the Multi-Section window.

I’ll add another object. A DVD Player.

Next I’ll add the scooped shelf shape for wires.

Review the cabinet and objects again.

Once you are done, the cabinet can be saved to the Catalog and the 3D Objects will be saved along with it. Select the Elevation or Floor Plan view to bring up the Save Change box. Check Library and supply a category and name.

Retrieve the cabinet from the Catalog and incorporate it in your room design.

This feature is available only in Cabnetware Ultimate.

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