Starting a quick and easy cabinet catalog

Some of you may want to start setting up a simple Cabinet Catalog. Here are a few tips that may speed up the process.

1)    The first thing to do is enable a little known feature in the program. To do this you need to edit the preference file (INI file). To do that, go to Help – About Cabnetware and click on the small CW icon in the box.


Create a section (unless it exists) named:
Add a line that reads exactly;
Special Fill Mode=Y

Save the changes to the INI file. Close Cabnetware and re-start it.

2)    Next, edit a layout parameter file and set an incremental size for Custom Modular cabinets. I used 3“ for this example.

3)    Edit the Cabinet Parameter file to put a Minimum and Maximum Section/ Module width that will guide the cabinet sizes to be created. Do this for both Uppers and Base cabinets.


4)    Select the Layout and Cabinet file for use in a room. Draw a fairly long wall.

5)    Here is the little known feature: Press and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard. Choose Fast Fill and Modular from the Cabinets Menu. Point at the wall and fast fill bases or uppers. The wall will fill with cabinets at 3“ increments, starting at the Minimum module with you entered in the Cabinet file. Depending on the wall length, the cabinets will end at the Maximum module width chosen.

6)    Now you just start saving the cabinets to the Catalog. Select ‘Save to Catalog’ from the  Right Button menu <RB> after highlighting a cabinet.

7)    Supply a Category name and a short Cabinet name. The name can be expanded later.


You can also speed up the saving process by choosing ‘Save Cabinet to Catalog’ from the File menu, select a cabinet and check the  ‘Keep picking cabinets’ box. After saving a cabinet and clicking OK, when you select another cabinet you are ready to type in a new Cabinet Name.

8)    To get a different height of Upper cabinets without modifying them all, just modify the wall height up or down. All the Upper cabinets will adjust.

9)    If you want a different section configuration on the bases, simply change the default section type in the cabinet parameter file and then Fast Fill again (with Shift held down).


Continue saving the cabinets to the Catalog.

This Tech Tip is valid for Cabnetware Ultimate, Cabnetware Advanced and the Design program. The Design program differs only where the Parameters are edited. This is done in File - Setup - Manufacturers in Design.

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