Sloped back on vaulted peninsula upper cabinets

Do you need to show a sloped back on your vaulted peninsula upper cabinets? Here is a quick way to do that.

The sloped cabinet feature works fine for cabinets on a solid wall but there is a limitation when it comes to sloping the finished or paneled back of a cabinet on a vaulted island or peninsula wall. There are a few ways to display the sloped back for your customers to review.

(In case you forgot, to vault an island wall, use the sizing handles on the top left or right corners on the elevation view of the island wall).

This is what the back of the vaulted island cabinets look like without a finished back. Note the breaks in the separate cabinets and the lack of crown molding.

To simulate a paneled back, fast fill some modular Face Frame Only Uppers on the back side of the island wall.

These will be doors on a face frame so either assign no pulls or switch the pull locator to a number that isn’t used in the door parameter graphic.

To simulate a finished back use the same fast filled modular face frame uppers. This time delete all but one cabinet. Modify the remaining cabinet to the right (in this case) to the overall width. Remove the doors. Zero out the top, bottom rails and right stile. Increase the left stile width to the overall size.

Using the stile for this will make the grain vertical. The crown molding outlines the back as desired.

This method can be used in CW V 10.

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