Sharing Parameters

Some people try to save time and effort by sharing parameter files between the Face Frame and Euro programs. This is not a good idea and not recommended. Here are a few reasons why. Thank you for using Cabnetware. We hope these tips will help you make the most out of your investment in our products.

Occasionally we see some strange and unexplained results when a customer sends us a job for help with the cutlist or cross sections. Looking through the parameters, they just don’t explain why the results are what is being shown. It turns out that someone had copied the parameters from one version run time style to the other, (the Euro version to Frame or vice-versa). Or, they are using the same set of parameters in both versions. This might seem like a good idea because maybe one version is set up well and the other one isn’t. In many cases there is no problem doing this, but in some situations there may be unintentional problems.

For example, here is a Drawer Box file that is copied or shared between Frame and Euro.

Note that the questions are similar but they are not all the same or even existent in both parameters.

The question that is in the Euro drawer box parameter file is hidden but not unused in the Frame drawer box file. This results in some seemingly unexplainable values when looking at the cutlist or the cross sections and then checking the parameters. These drawers should be equal but they are not.

Another example is with the construction files. Look at part of the Frame construction file and compare it to Euro.

If you use this frame parameter file in Euro without editing it, all those values will be used but they can’t be seen. This can make for some real confusion. If you do edit the Frame construction file in Euro, most of the values get reset so they aren’t used in Euro but if you use it again in Frame, the values show as being reset to zero and you won’t get what you had expected.

So, this illustrates why we keep the Frame and Euro parameters separate in the preferences and why you need to be cautious if copying parameters from one style of program to another.

This advice is pertinent to all the manufacturing programs and Cabnetware Drafter.

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