Save Room Defaults

Today we’ll revisit the use of the Save Room Defaults feature since V 10 has modified the procedure a little bit.

The saved room defaults feature has been around since V 8.0 and is great for easily selecting a group of room defaults for a given layout. In versions prior to V 10, you could get to Room Default maintenance from the Setup menu.

To eliminate inconsistencies with program structure, since V 10, you now get to the Room Defaults setup and maintenance by going to a Room Defaults screen in a new or existing room.

To Edit s set of room defaults, either load a set or select a set of defaults. Select Save Default. If you select an existing name, this will save over that set of room defaults and function the same as the previous Edit function. If you type in a new name, this will serve as the previous Copy or New function.

To delete a set of saved room defaults, click on Load Default, select the name and click on Delete.

This procedure can also be used on the previous versions and is valid for all cutlist versions since V 8.0 and Cabnetware Drafter.

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