Running 2012 R1 after installing 2012 R2

Now that we are about to release the 2012 R2 version, it’s time to offer one way to keep your 2012 R1 version running if needed. Thank you for using Cabnetware. We hope these tips will help you make the most out of your investment in our products.

As we did with the previous major version of Cabnetware 2011 R2 and R1 (V 8.41 and 8.4.0), this release of 2012 R2 will replace 2012 R1. This is done to keep the users from having to perform a migration of data. Although the migration is quite easy and generally error free, it still engenders some consternation with some users. That being said, some people may want to keep the previous version functional while they are getting used to the newer version. There are many ways to do this but here is one way.

When running the setup of 2012 R2, to the default location, it will automatically update the files in Cabware_9_0 and overwrite the 2012 R1 version. So, prior to running the setup program you will need to copy the program files for 2012 R1 to another folder for safekeeping and later use. Use Windows Explorer for that.

Open the \Planit\ folder and do a Right Button <RB> click in the Planit pane. Choose New Folder.

When New Folder is highlighted, type in the new name for the folder. In this case I used 900.

Next, open the Cabware_9_0 folder and select all the files. Use Edit and Select All or Ctrl + A to select the files.

Click the <RB> on one of the highlighted files and choose Copy from the menu. Or use Ctrl + C to copy.

Click on the 900 folder and choose Paste from the <RB> menu. Or use Ctrl + V to paste the files.

Now all that needs to be done is to set the shortcut icons to run the 2012 R1 version from the new 900 folder.

Select the existing shortcut icon and choose Properties from the <RB> menu.

Change the Target: line and the Start in: line to indicate the 900 folder instead of the Cabware_9_0 folder. Click OK. Now this shortcut will start the program from the 900 folder and use the INI files in the same folder.

With that done you can run the Setup program to install 2012 R2. Just use the default locations as suggested and you will have both 2012 R1 and 2012 R2 ready to use.


Because Jobs are not backwards compatible they cannot be shared between 2012 R2 and previous versions. It’s suggested that you keep the jobs from 2012 R1 in a separate folder than those saved in 2012 R2. Most other file types can be shared between versions at this time but you may want to keep Parameters and catalogs separate also.

If you use the Cabnetware CNC Center or Panel Optimizer, you will also need to edit the INI file to start the executable from the 900 folder. Like this.

[Path Names]
Optimizer Program=C:\Planit\900\CwOptmzr.EXE C:\Planit\900\OPTEURO.INI
CNC Link Program=C:\Planit\900\CNC.EXE C:\Planit\900\CNCEURO.INI

This tech tip is valid for all Cabnetware Manufacturing versions.

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