Display and cut a shaped Room Valance

Today we will look at some of the tools used to help you display and cut a shaped Room Valance.

Start with the Room Valance at the size and default shape you desire.

Take the Room Valance into Multi Cross Section. You can adjust the bottom shape in the Shape Parts screen if desired.

To add some cutouts, start with a Rectangle cutout positioned and sized approximately for what you will need. The shape can be altered later.

Add a break point to the right edge of the rectangular cutout. Position it to a particular location.

Now delete the lower right break point of the cutout.

Modify the bottom of the cutout to an arc and adjust the Radius or the Arc Height.

Duplicate the Shape. Do this by clicking the upper left tool to allow the whole shape to be selected. Click the top left corner of the shaped cutout and choose Duplicate from the <RB> menu.

Click the cursor in the position you want the top left of the duplicated cutout to be positioned. You can also choose Reference to reposition the duplicate if it needs moving after the initial placement. The X,Y values relate to the part Origin.

To flip the duplicate cutouts shape, highlight the cutout and select the flip symbol on the toolbar.

Click OK to save and close the Shape Part box.

In this case I will add another panel behind the shaped valance to show some contrast. Select the shaped part and click Duplicate on the <RB> menu.

Slide the duplicated part behind the original part. Take it into Shape Part and select the cutouts and delete them using the Delete key.

Close the shape part box and double click the duplicated part to select a different material or texture for contrast if desired.

Save the Multi Cross Section and view the result. Here is one idea.

The shaped parts will go to the Cabnetware CNC Center as well as the S2M Center to be cut.

This part shaping function is available to the users of Cabnetware Ultimate.

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