Shortcuts to Use in the Room Layout

Today’s tech tip will reacquaint you with a few short cuts that may speed up some of your routine chores encountered during a room layout.

Most of you probably already use the Toolbars or have a custom toolbar or two set up. One that is handy is the Room Defaults tool. Going to and editing room defaults to check on settings is a common chore.  Choose the Room Defaults tool from the Modify Toolbar.


If you’re like most of us, when you look at room defaults and then try to remember which one you need to edit later, it slips your mind. Here is a quick trick to ensure you edit the correct file. Once the Room Defaults are listed, press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the file listed in the room default screen. This will open the file for editing. Check or change the settings and close it.


Another keyboard short cut that can be useful is pressing the Alt key and also the right square bracket key,]
Alt+] will bring up the Parameters screen that you would normally get to by going to File- Setup- Parameters. You can copy, edit and delete here.

Occasionally you might want to bring up the User Graphics screen for editing or modifying an item. Use the Alt + [ for this. (Alt key plus the left square bracket key [ ).

Finally, although you can get to Display Options from a tool icon on the Graphic Toolbar, you can also bring up the screen by using the Ctrl + d keys on the keyboard.


These shortcuts are available with some minor variations in all Cabnetware layout programs.


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