Getting the room information to the shop floor

You may not be taking advantage of some of the tools available to help you get information to the work shop floor.

Use the CAD Text ‘Text Tags’ for this. Find this when choosing CAD Text and  Enter. After you drawer the bounding rectangle for the text, click the Insert Tag  button. Choose from one of the pre-defined categories of text tags.
For example, on this simple floor plan, I chose from the Parameter set of text tags, which link to the Room Defaults.

You can add a description in front of the text tag, i.e. Base Door Style: Then insert the text tag {Parameter.BaseDoor}. Add as many of the Parameter tags as needed. When you click OK, the fields are populated with the Room Defaults.

You can also choose to use text tags for the Room Information also found in Room Defaults. The information is found in Cabinet, Door, Drawer and the Room categories. Hardware can also be listed.

One such result can be show on the elevation below.

All of these text tag groupings can be saved for later use or editing. Just select the Save Template button in the text block or choose Save from the <RB> menu after highlighting the completed text block.

This tech tip is valid for all Cabnetware products with some minor variations.


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