Missing Open Room Dialog

Have you ever tried to open a room and nothing happens but a beeping sound and no list to select from?

This can be caused by a few things.

  1. You were using two monitors and now you are using just one.
  2. You had your laptop computer plugged into a large desktop monitor and now it’s not.
  3. You have significantly reduced your screen resolution since the last time you used the program.

The problem is caused by the Open Room dialog box being positioned out of range of the current monitor space.

There are a few ways to fix this but here is a simple solution using Windows keyboard strokes.

Press one at a time:
Alt, Space Bar, M, then click and hold your mouse select button <LB> and drag over the exposed Cabnetware window.

Here is what happens behind the scenes because you can’t see this off the screen.

Alt puts the focus on the current active Window.

Space Bar activates the hot key menu.

M selects the Move option, and positions the mouse on the active window title bar, ready to be moved.

Now when you drag the mouse onto the Cabnetware window the Open Room dialog comes along and is functional. The program will remember where it is placed for the next time.

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