Fixing an error message when using the Right Button

Now that a new version is going out, you may encounter an error message when using the Right Button <RB> context menu with a cabinet selected. Here is a simple way to fix the problem if it occurs.

The usual cause of the warning message is the new version has some <RB> menu items that were not available in the previous version. It may also occur if you have upgraded to a higher level version of Cabnetware. For example, upgrading from Advanced to Ultimate would offer the Multi Cross Section choice Advanced didn’t have. This may result in the message:

To fix this error or a similar one, click OK and then choose Customize from the bottom of the <RB> menu.

Click in the middle column and select Default Menu from the <RB> choices. (You can also make some other change to the menu structure if you have some modifications you don’t want to lose).

Answer Yes to are you sure…

Click the X in the corner to exit and save your changes.

Now the error will be gone the next time you use the <RB> cabinet context menu.

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