Right Button Cabinet Modify menu

We still get the occasional question concerning the context sensitive Right Button Cabinet Modify menu.  (The <RB> menu). Usually it is related to an error message that comes up when trying to access the <RB> menu. Similar to this:

This is usually caused by a missing item in the menu. As new features come available these new items need to be accounted for. Customizing the <RB> menu is one way of accounting for the new items. This tech tip will reacquaint you with customizing the <RB> menu.
First up though is the method for clearing up the Error concerning the missing menu item.
Click on OK, then, choose Customize from the menu that appears:

Click in the Middle column and from the <RB> menu, select Default Menu and answer Yes to the reset prompt.

Then click the    in the corner of the menu dialog box and Save the changes.
Alternatively, you could choose to modify anything in the existing menu, (see steps below), and then Save.
Reasons for Customizing the <RB> menu might be to categorize commonly used items or to eliminate rarely used items, thus shortening the list. The wording can be also changed if desired.

To customize the menu start with choosing Customize from the <RB> menu after highlighting a cabinet from either floor plan or elevation.

To see:  

Position your cursor where you want to insert a new sub menu.
Next do a <RB> click on the right list and choose: Insert Sub Menu.


Double click on the new sub menu to edit the name. An & inserted before a letter will make that letter be a hot key to select the choice via the keyboard.

Click on an item, hold down the Left mouse button and drag over the new sub menu and drop the item off in the box that appears to the right. You can drag the item from either column. You can also use Copy and Paste from the <RB> menu to put the items in the sub menus.

You can put the same item in various sub menus. For instance, Delete Cabinet Cutlist is valid for a saved Cutlist or a saved Multi Cross Section. When the same item is in two or more sub menus, the sub menu containing the item will highlight when the item is clicked on. Remember, the item can be renamed by double clicking on it.

A horizontal line separator can be placed between items. Choose Insert Separator from the <RB> menu while in Customize. The separator will go above the highlighted item.

After saving your changes you can see how it looks. 

Another option available in the customize menu is creating a New list. Simply select New and delete the current menu configuration.

Next, select an item from the left hand list and drag into the box on the right side. You can also create sub menus at this time.

Make the menu as short or long as you desire. Insert what you use most often.
Save your changes.

Note the Unassigned sub category. This will contain everything that hasn’t been assigned to your New custom menu. This will prevent any items from getting lost.
Remember the <RB> choice in the Customize menu: Default Menu. Selecting this will revert to the un-customized menu selections.

These settings are saved in the configuration file. i.e. CabwareF.ini.
The section is:
Do not adjust the line items in this section as unintended results may occur. Deleting the whole section will return you to an un-customized menu.
This Tech Tip is valid for all styles of the Cabnetware program from Version 8.2 on.

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