Cabnetware Pricing Export and Import

You can set up and modify pricing in the Cabnetware program easily. Sometimes you may feel like using a different program for modifying some of your pricing values. Here is a little known feature to help you do that. It’s the Import and Export of certain pricing tables. These tables would include the Cabinet Catalog in the Advanced, Ultimate and Design programs, and the Accessories in all the Manufacturing programs as well as Design. In addition the Design program can also Import/Export Modifications.

The first thing to do is ‘turn on’ the Import and Export buttons in the Setup Pricing screen. To do this you need to edit the preference file (INI file). To do that, go to Help – About Cabnetware and click on the small CW icon in the box.

Scroll down to:
Add a line that reads exactly;
Enable Pricing Import Export=1

Save the changes to the INI file. Close Cabnetware and re-start it.
Now when you go to File Setup Pricing, you’ll see the Import and Export buttons. They will be active when the Catalog Cabinets or Accessories radio button is selected.


To export data for manipulation in another program, choose the Export button. The file type that is exported is a standard Comma Separated Values file: .CSV. Choose the location to export to and the name for the file. The default export location is your path to Parameters or to Cabinet catalogs.

To Import the data back in to Cabnetware pricing, select the Import button. Select the proper .CSV file. Accessories won’t import to the Cabinet Catalog properly and vice versa.

Important Warning! Always make a back up copy of the tables you are Exporting or, particularly, Importing. (These table files are contained in the path to Parameters or Catalogs depending on what you are exporting). If the imported data is formatted improperly there is a good chance the Import will fail and your tables will be corrupted. Pay particular attention to double quote marks “ or commas , as those are what the .CSV file uses as delimiters.

That being said, during the Import process you may see some messages about records not matched. These could be items you added to the CSV file in your other program. You will be prompted to add the records to the existing tables. You would normally answer Yes, because that’s the whole point of this exercize.


A note concerning the Cabinet Catalog: You can’t add cabinets or doors to the .CSV file and expect them to show up in the pricing or for use in the room designs. These items need to be created via the normal setup features of the program. The manipulation of data should be limited to pricing.

Accessory items, categories and pricing can be added to the accessory.CSV file normally.

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