Managing multiple copies of Cabnetware with Different Parameter Sets

Some of you may need to run more than one or two setups of Cabnetware that allow easy access to different sets of parameters or jobs. For example you may do work for multiple contractors that have significantly different schemes for layout and material requirements. You may not want to co mingle Materials, Parameters and Jobs. You can set up and use the Launch List to help keep things organized.

To create a Launch List, start a simple text document with NotePad.  Save it as the name Launch.lst in the folder that Cabnetware was installed to. For example put the file in the folder C:\Planit\Cabware_8_4\. Add lines to the file that adhere to some rules as follows:

1)    Put in the name you want displayed in the list.
2)    Put a comma, space, comma, space, comma, space, comma.
3)    Put in the path and name of the INI file you want Cabnetware to use when starting up the program. The INI file contains all the path information to where you store the parameters and jobs for a given episode of Cabnetware. If you type in a name that doesn’t exist, Cabnetware will create the INI file on start up. Just make sure the file extension is INI.

The series of comma – spaces after the name could contain your authorization codes for your key but can be left blank as well. To insert a blank line in the list, do as I have illustrated here. Put a space for the name, then a comma, space, comma, space, comma, space, comma and one more space. That will result in a blank line separating the lines in the list.

Next, you need to create a Short Cut Icon to start the Cabnetware programs from the Launch List.

Click the mouse <RB> on the Windows Desktop and choose New – Shortcut.

Fill out the Shortcut box with the path to the file LTW32.exe. Click on Next then supply a name for the Shortcut.

Click on Finish and you’ll see your new Shortcut icon.

The properties of the Shortcut are similar to this:

Now, when you open the Shortcut, select a name from the Launch list and click OK to start the program using the INI file specified in the Launch.lst file.

Remember, you will need to select the proper paths that hold the data files the selected program needs to run properly. These paths are stored in the INI file listed in the Launch.lst file.

This Tech Tip is valid for all styles of the Cabnetware layout program using either V 8.3 or V 2001 R1.


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