Dynamic or Saved Multi Cross Sections?

Multi Cross Section is a feature of Cabnetware Ultimate and Cabnetware Drafter. After making changes to a cabinet in the Multi Cross Section (MXS) you have two ways of saving the changes. One way is Dynamic (DXS) and the other way is ‘Saved’. Dynamic is the preferred method for most people because it allows the cabinet to be modified in many ways without losing the changes made in MXS. ‘Saved’ is a legacy method we have used for years and we retain it because it still can be useful.

When in MXS you will have the option of which type of MXS you want to save. After making changes you can click on the save icon on the toolbar to save quickly. This will save Dynamically usually but it will also save as ‘Saved MXS’ if there is a saved cutting list on the cabinet or it has already been saved as ‘Saved’.

After making your choice, the elevation and floor plan can display the type of MXS if the Mark Edited Cutlist’ is checked ON. (m is for DXS, x is for Saved MXS)

Now for a few of the pros and cons of using either method.

DXS. You can add shelves and sections to the cabinet and it will retain the changes you have made previously.

You can change construction, or Interior/Exterior files and the new file changes are adopted while the MXS changes are retained.

You can change the number of doors or drawers without losing the MXS changes.

DXS is the preferred method if you anticipate needing to adjust the cabinet significantly in the future.

With the Saved MXS, the cutting list is locked so the program will not adjust for any new sections, shelves or construction file changes. You may see the changes on the elevation but the actual cutting list will not change. Anything that adds or deletes the number of parts in the cabinet will not produce the desired change.

Certain operations such as rotated parts or moved parts without joint connections often work better with this option.

Use this option if you don’t anticipate any major changes for the cabinet’s parameters.

Use this option if you want to lock in the cutlist materials in the Manufacturing version.

Most size changes will work but some will prompt you with this message:

Either way you answer this, the cabinet will probably not be what you expect. No, will eliminate the Saved MXS. Yes, will show the change on elevation but not on the cutlist or MXS.

In summary, either method of saving will generally work but, depending on future modification needs, one method or the other may suit you. Always remember to go back into the MXS after your changes to verify the results are what you expect. This powerful feature is a continual work in progress so we need to know when it isn’t working as expected. Contact tech support with questions or problems.

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