Using moldings for ceiling effects

Occasionally you might like to enhance your drawings with some non cabinetry related effects. Here is one way to use moldings for an enhancement to a small kitchen ceiling.

1)    Create a molding for the desired look. Use File  - Setup – User Graphics – Molding and define the attributes of the molding.

2)    Draw the molding profile. Remember to set the CAD Preferences to 3D Enabled when drawing the edges that will be seen. For this molding, I made the profile exposed for viewing from either side.

3)    Draw a set of Island walls that will receive the molding. While on the floor plan view choose the View – Pick User Graphics – Molding menu and select the molding as a Wall molding, fast filled off the floor so it hits the ceiling height.

4)    Point your cursor at the island walls that will receive the molding and click to fast fill. (Moldings do not show on the floor plan view).

5)    You can also apply the molding from the elevation view.

6)    Finish the other aspects of the room design.

7)    Finally, render the room.

This example using Wall moldings is valid for Cabnetworks, the Detailer and the Design programs.

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