Irregular Moldings

As you know, you can apply a molding to a cabinet. Currently the cabinet molding will be applied to the top, bottom or middle area of the rectangular footprint the cabinet occupies. That generally is fine and quick and easy to do. When you have an irregular shaped cabinet, i.e., a desk cabinet or an upper over a sink or stove, you’ll need a way to assign the molding that isn’t continuous the full width of the cabinet. Use the Wall Moldings for this. Here is an example using two irregular shaped frame cabinets.

To start, open the View – Pick User Graphics – Molding… menu. Select the Wall Tab. Select the molding. I’ll assign moldings for the base desk cabinet first. Because Wall moldings act like cabinet objects, they can’t be placed on top the cabinet initially. Choose a distance from floor value that will miss a cabinet. Click the Place radio button and click OK. Enter the molding width you need for the first segment.

Click on the wall and slide the molding into the lateral position needed. It can be adjusted later if necessary. Repeat the operation for the next segment of molding.

Double Click the molding or choose Moldings from the main Modify menu. Enter a value for the Front Adjustment to pull it away from the wall. Enter a Distance from Floor and if it will have a return on the left or right end. In this case I used 21 inches from the wall for the left segment so it would be at the face of the toe kick and 24 inches for the small right piece to wrap around the front of the desk end.

Do a similar thing for the upper moldings.

Double click the moldings to modify each segment.

Adjust the front offset and distance from floor.


This method is valid for all Cabnetware products except Standard, 2012 R1 and up.

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