Quick and Easy Shelves

Sometimes you might need to use shelving on walls that is more than just for looks. Here is a simple way to get the look of a thick shelf and a proper cutting list.

Use the Room Valance!

Select Room Valance from the Cabinet menu. Set the distance from the ceiling to what you need and the height to the thickness of the shelf desired.

Place or Fill the shelves on the wall. Once the shelves are placed you can use Cabinet Modify to change the depth and width of course, but, go to Tops/Bots and uncheck the No Top box so you’ll get a platform for the main shelf. Check the No Molding box so you don’t have to remove the molding later.

The Multi Cross Section will show the assembly.

The cutlist will show the parts. If you have the parameter files set to display the part names and material, no editing is needed. Of course you can still edit the parts here too.

This is quick and easy once the parameter files are set up.

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