Moving a docked custom toolbar

Have you ever had trouble moving a docked custom Toolbar? Here is a simple tip to make it easy to grab and reposition a toolbar. This tip was inspired by a clever customer.

You may have a custom toolbar that is docked at the edge of the window. Sometimes it’s tricky to grab the edge of the toobar to reposition it. To make it simple to move, modify the custom toolbar. Do a <RB> mouse click on the custom toolbar and choose Modify.

The Custom ToolBar modify screen for Toolbars appears.

Select the Spacing toolbar from the list on the right.

Select one of the separator tools and drag/drop it on the CustomToolbar on the left at the top.

Select another separator tool and drag/drop it on the Custom Toolbar at the bottom.

You can place another tool in the middle as I show here with a smaller spacing tool.

Now when you choose OK, the toolbar has some wide areas that make it easy to grab and move.

The spacing tools are just design tools that don’t do anything when selected.

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