Corrupted Drawing Deleted

Have you ever seen a message like ‘Corrupted Drawing Deleted’ when opening or working in Multi Draw?

Don’t panic. There is a procedure that may retrieve your drawings.

As long as you don’t go in and out of Multidraw more than a few times after the failure occurred this procedure will normally work.

This is procedure possible due to the presence of backup files that are in the jobs folder. There is a setting in the INI file that sets the number of Multidraw Backup Levels. This value is valid from 0 to 9 and is set to 5 by default. This functions as the number of times you can click Undo in Multidraw and also will make usable backups of the entire set of drawings in Multidraw. Find the setting in the INI file here:

Multidraw Backup Levels=5

These back up files can allow you to restore the Multidraw to the state it was in before the problem occurred. What you need to do is do some file maintenance work in the jobs folder to restore a backup and see if a good copy of Multidraw is available for use.

Here is an example of what to do. Assume you have a job called Name. (Your actual job name would of course be different so replace Name with your specific job name). Check in the File-Setup-Preferences-Paths to verify the location of your jobs. The program creates a file name for the job called JName.JOB. The Multidraw process creates at least two working files. One is called JName.MDC and the other is called JName.MDG.

These two files hold the data from all the pages of Multidraw for this job. Each time you exit Multidraw, whether you save the changes or not, a backup file is written out. The backup files have file names of JName.MC1 and JName.MG1 or JName.MC2 and JName.MG2. The numbers can go up to 9 but the default value is 5.

The latest copy of the backup is the file that ends in 1, i.e. JName.MC1 and JName.MG1. That means the higher numbered files are probably prior to the failure point. Providing you exited Multidraw properly only once since the message occurred, the last ‘good’ copy of the file would be JName.MC2 and JName.MG2. If you went in and out a Multidraw a few times, the last good backup would have a higher number.

Check the file size too. A larger file size would indicate more data. The first large file size would be the one to start with. Here is an example of the files to look for.

To try and restore the files, go into the jobs folder and delete JName.MDC and JName.MDG.

The good backup files would not be the size of 1K. The .MGn File that has a reasonable amount of data in it will be 10 to 100K or larger. Don’t’ bother with the files if they are only 1K. Then, rename JName.MC2 to JName.MDC, and rename JName.MG2 to JName.MDG. Try renaming the first MGn file that has a substantial size. Remember to rename the matching .MCn file.

The renamed files should work fine. If not, try it again and rename the next higher number of backup that has a substantial byte size. This won’t solve the initial cause of the problem, but, it might make it less traumatic. You may lose some data but not the whole Multidraw provided this works.

This is valid for all versions of Cabnetware that have the Multidraw feature.

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