Simple Color Changes

Some people don’t want to go through the effort to set up textures that will help define the colors of items in a room layout You can use the color palettes to make quick changes in the display. To edit or setup the colors, go to File - Setup – User Graphics. Click on the down arrow next to Colors and select a name from the drop down list. (The palette name COLORS is the default palette and should never be deleted). Choose Edit to view the selections.

The colors in the small rectangles in the Custom Palette box can be selected. Click in the Fill or Outline box of the feature to assign the custom color.

If you double click on the color in the Custom Palette, you bring up a standard color mixing screen. You can make nearly any color imaginable by clicking in the change color box and adjusting the slider on the right. Click OK to transfer the new color to the Custom Palette for assignment.

In this example, I made up several new color palettes for use in a room.
One named MAUVE has some simple tan shades.


One named PASTELS has some other subtle shades of color.

Using the default COLORS palette in a simple room, here is the effect in a 3D Render view.

Now, select the MAUVE color palette. Do this by using View – Pick User Graphics – Colors and select MAUVE, and OK.

View the 3D Render using this palette.


Now choose PASTELS and view the 3D Render.

You can see once you have a variety of color palettes set up it’s easy to make quick color changes to the room as a whole.

The use of Color Palettes is available in all styles of Cabnetware.

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