Batching Jobs Together with the S2M Center

Occasionally you may find the need to batch jobs together when running the NcCenter.

Here are two ways to do it.

1) Cabnetware CNC Center can only handle one job name at a time and exports that way too. You can group two sets of jobs rooms together by using the ‘Save Room As’ feature when saving the room designs. Save the second jobs rooms as subsequent rooms in the first job.

Now when you send this combined job to CW CNC/ S2M Center both ‘jobs’ will be together. Remember, each room has its own parameters and will link to a CNC template if set that way in parameters.

2) Another way and possible preferable, particularly for larger jobs, is to use the Export/Import feature in S2M Center.

Generate your Cutlist/CNA files as normal for each separate job.

Import the first job into CW CNC Center and send it to S2M Center. Now in S2M Center with the first jobs parts choose the S2M button and select Export.

Enter a name for the exported .pnc file. You can also select and create a folder here.

Close S2M Center. In CW CNC Center, import the next job. Send it to S2M Center. Now, while the second job is listed, select the S2M Center button again and then Import.

Select the previously exported .pnc file and click Open.

You’ll see the parts list will be populated with both jobs. You can see both jobs are available if you use Filter Parts.

The Export and Import of .pnc files can be repeated for as many jobs as necessary.

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