Auto Dimensioning

Although you can add dimensions using the CAD Dimensions tool in Cabnetworks the Detailer and EDGECAM | Designer, there are a few places in the program where you can click on an edge and have the program dimension the line automatically so you don’t have to manually snap to the end points.

One place is the Wall Cross Section (Cabnetworks). With the Wall Cross Section displayed, click on an edge you would like to dimension. Choose - Add  Dimension from the <RB> menu.

While the dimension is still highlighted use the mouse to offset the dimension from the edge.

You can also use the <RB>  modify or double click the dimension to display the dimension modification box.

Continue adding dimensions as desired. The view can be printed or sent to Multi Draw with the Snapshot icon. (It can also be saved to Details with Cabnetworks).

You can also find the dimension feature in a single section cross section or in the Multi Cross Section of Cabnetworks.

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