Cabnetware Drafter

Cabnetware Drafter is a full featured design and estimating software program for nearly all types of residential cabinetry. Drafter is ideal for the shop that needs to provide cabinet layouts and produce accurate quotes and proposals for single cabinets to multiple room jobs.

Design from existing stock manufacturers catalogs or create your own custom cabinet configurations. Many design elements are included: Fluted framework with rosettes, shaped rails and valances, entrance doors and windows. Numerous decorative 3D Objects and hundreds of realistic texture patterns are provided. You have the tools to create your own door designs and add to the 3D Object and texture catalogs.

Drafter will create the counter top layout as well as a soffit plan based on the room and cabinet design. Further modifications are available for creating bar overhangs multiple level tops, rounded and clipped corners, sink cutouts, etc.
Choose from hundreds of wood grains, floor patterns, wall papers and other supplied textures. Additional texture images can be added simply and quickly. Position light sources of varying type and intensity to get a more realistic presentation.

After the room design is created you can view simple line drawings to fully textured 3D Rendered views. Any of the views can be collected onto drawing pages where they can be further enhanced with CAD drawing tools and printed to scale.  Every view can be emailed or printed as well.

After the design is complete, you can provide customer quotes, proposals and then print an order form that can be sent straight to the supplier. Additional non cabinet items can be included on the forms, such as wire goods, touch up kits, decorative items and the like. Drafter is what you need if a complete cutting and manufacturing program isn’t necessary.

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