Cabnetware Ultimate

Cabnetware Ultimate is a top of the line offering for those demanding the design and CAD capability necessary for the architectural woodworking market. It is an ideal solution for  high-end residential cabinetry and commercial casework manufacturers needing full control of their design and casework construction. Cabnetware Ultimate allows you to fully automate and integrate the design through production processes; saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity.

Casework is generated and modified quickly without the need of predefined casework libraries or having to draw cabinetry line-by-line as with a typical CAD program.  Every aspect of your casework is changeable, using point-and-click modifications; from overall cabinet and part sizes, section opening sizes and configurations, right down to the adding or shaping of individual parts.  Even add custom casework and room moldings and architectural elements to your design.

Cabnetware Ultimate generates detailed architectural drawings and manufacturing information automatically from the room and cabinet design.

Print detailed floor plans, elevations, cross sections, shop drawings, perspectives, true-to-life renderings, and architecturally accurate blue-print drawings in minutes instead of days.

Print proposals, contracts, change orders, bid reports, job costing reports, material and hardware lists, cutlist, assembly lists, part labels, installation reports, and many other custom manufacturing reports. 

When integrated with the Planit NC Center, Cabnetware Ultimate will automatically generate all the construction information necessary to drive your CNC machinery.


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